New Song: “We Made You” Eminem

“We Made You” is the first single released of Eminem’s sixth studio album, Relapse. The song features vocalist Charmagne Tripp, who is impersonating Jessica Simpson. With this track Eminem reverts back to his old style of catchy beats and funny, socially relevant lyrics. Of course, it wouldn’t be Eminem if he didn’t make fun of at least five people in his song. Ripping on Bret Michaels, Amy Winehouse and Jessica Simpson among others, Eminem’s lyrics are ridiculous and offensive.

I personally think the video is a little bit too much, but maybe it is just me. All the same, I enjoy this song and thought Charmagne Tripp’s chorus was very well done. Let us know if you know any more about her.


Real Life Testimonial About Recess in Real Life

Here is a real life testimonial from someone who is a Recess In Real Life fan. Be sure to check it out!

Our very own preview

As many of you may know, Recess in Real Life began as a class project last January for our public relations class. Today we are presenting to our class to tell them why our readers enjoy our blog and why we should continue to post movie and music reviews. We decided to get a little creative, and spent this weekend making our own “preview”. So sorry for the lack of new posts in the last two days, but we hope you will enjoy our movie and keep coming back to our blog. Thanks!

New Release: “The Soloist”

“The Soloist” is a dramatic film about a former musician (Jamie Foxx) and the journalist who rediscovers him (Robert Downey, Jr). The film elicits critically acclaimed performances by both lead actors. Although reviewers are denying any Oscar buzz, many are still calling it one of the best films of 2009 so far.

The movie opens today and surely many people will be going to the theater to see the highly anticipated character film. Foxx has starred in “Ray” (which won him an Oscar in 2004) and more recently “Dreamgirls”. Robert Downey, Jr.  also generally signs on to portray interesting characters like in “Chaplin” (for which he was nominated for an Oscar in 1993) and the upcoming “Sherlock Holmes”. I think these are two great actors so they will undoubtedly make this film riveting.

Movie Review: State of Play

 State of Play,” directed by Kevin MacDonald (“The Last King of Scotland”) is the story of a group of investigative reporters from the fictional Washington Globe, trying to solve the murder of a prominent Congressman’s aide. The movie is an adaptation of a BBC miniseries of the same title. The film stars Russell Crowe as old fashioned journalist Cal McAffery, in charge of uncovering a web of lies in this mysterious death. Rachel McAdams is Della Frye, a blogger and web journalist who is paired with Crowe to help investigate the murder. Ben Affleck stars as Congressman Stephen Collins, an up and coming politician seemingly blindsided by situations beyond his control.

State of Play is a political/crime thriller/drama that is well composed and acted. The storyline is clever, with a few twists, turns and downright surprises. Crowe, Affleck and McAdams put on solid performances, and the movie is well directed. I was not expecting much from this movie, but was pleasantly surprised. Seeing as there are few quality movies in theaters, “State of Play” is a safe bet to get your money’s worth.

Global Music Sales Continue to Fall


I was looking through an article that was sent to me through The Dean’s List on global music sales decline and thought it was pretty interesting. As a music industry minor, information like this upsets me. I hope that these numbers will open people’s eyes to their impact on the music industry when they illegally download music off the internet or file share.

According to the IFPI, The International Federation of Phonographic Industry, physical CD sales are falling 15.4% globally and by 31.2% in the US. However, digital music sales grew by 24.1% globally to $3.78 billion, including a 16.5% rise in the US. For more information check out the article. What is your opinion on digital downloads?

Happy Earth Day! New Release: “Earth”

In honor of Earth Day (April 22), Disney created and is releasing their latest film, “Earth.” It is a touching story of three animal families and their journey across the planet.  The film is narrated by James Earl Jones and directed by Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield (the team that helped create “Planet Earth”). The film might not be the most thrilling one, but it seems informational and amazing nonetheless. Here’s the trailer…