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New Song: “We Made You” Eminem

“We Made You” is the first single released of Eminem’s sixth studio album, Relapse. The song features vocalist Charmagne Tripp, who is impersonating Jessica Simpson. With this track Eminem reverts back to his old style of catchy beats and funny, socially relevant lyrics. Of course, it wouldn’t be Eminem if he didn’t make fun of at least five people in his song. Ripping on Bret Michaels, Amy Winehouse and Jessica Simpson among others, Eminem’s lyrics are ridiculous and offensive.

I personally think the video is a little bit too much, but maybe it is just me. All the same, I enjoy this song and thought Charmagne Tripp’s chorus was very well done. Let us know if you know any more about her.


Global Music Sales Continue to Fall


I was looking through an article that was sent to me through The Dean’s List on global music sales decline and thought it was pretty interesting. As a music industry minor, information like this upsets me. I hope that these numbers will open people’s eyes to their impact on the music industry when they illegally download music off the internet or file share.

According to the IFPI, The International Federation of Phonographic Industry, physical CD sales are falling 15.4% globally and by 31.2% in the US. However, digital music sales grew by 24.1% globally to $3.78 billion, including a 16.5% rise in the US. For more information check out the article. What is your opinion on digital downloads?

Artist Of The Week: Grouch & Eligh


So, I stumbled across this group perusing through the  music section in Myspace and I instantly fell in love. This hip-hop duo, out of Oakland, CA is the real thing. I have not heard undergound rap being so lyrical since I first heard Immortal Technique. This duo mixes their poetic floetry with experimental beats. The beats are a combination of Jazz, Blues and straight up old school hip hop. It is hard to combine fluid hip hop with poetic lyrics and you rarely hear MC caliber and talent like that anymore anways, but it is clearly not a problem for these two. If you like Common, N.E.R.D or Blackstar you will definitly dig these guys. Their album, Say G&E, drops April 21 and I think everyone should go out and purchase a copy. For more on Grouch and Eligh hit up their myspace page or hit up their website at www.legendarymusicnet. Trust me on this one folks, check them out! Let us know what you think.

New Concert Review: The Dead, Charlottesville


I went to see The Dead this past Wednesday at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, VA. When we got there all of the parking lots were completely full, typical of the deadhead lot scene. This is my favorite part of coming to these types of shows because I felt like I was at a festival again because everywhere you looked there were vendors set up selling tapestries, shirts, jewelry etc and girls with flowers in their hair dancing around (me and my roomated included). Not to mention the ever present drum circles and jam sessions that were going on at various places around each lot. The “lot scene” gave me a good inclination of how good the concert would be, and at that time it was looking promising. The only thing that could have dampered the mood was the constant rain, but that obviosuly didn’t deter anybody from having a good time. 

It was nice to walk around and hear all the original deadheads talking about their encounters with Jerry and the amazing shows they saw when they were traveling across the country back in the 70’s following the band. This is what I like the most about these type of concerts. No matter where you are from or who you are everybody is willing and open to share their experiences, past and present. By the time the concert is over you have made more friends then on a Saturday night at a college party.  

The Dead came out at about 8:00 to an uproar of cheers from the crowd. They started off with New Speedway Boogie, which happens to be my roomate’s and my favorite song (yes, there is a story behind it). The rest of the set included Bertha, Playin In The Band, St. Stephen, Mississippi Half-Step and others. Although the show was a good time, it did not feel like The Grateful Dead to me. I know not having Jerry there was a huge factor, but the playing styles were different as well. I am used to the hippy, jammy type Grateful Dead, but during this show Phil seemed to be trying out some new progressive, rock style and it just wasn’t for me. Although I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be with the show, it was still amazing to see not only the remaining members of my favorite band, but living legends and musical geniuses. I know they tried to recreate the “dead experience” as best as they could and I give props to Warren Haynes for trying to fill a void that was simply impossible, but all in all Jerry was definitly there in spirit looking down with a guitar in his hand and a smile on his face. Peace and love.

New EP: TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio received a lot of good reviews for their 2008 album, Dear Science. For anyone who knows how eclectic this group is, you may not be surprised that they just released an EP of remixes yesterday. The EP (cleverly titled Read Silence) features 3 remixed songs from their 2008 album. Fortunately they did not just depend on the popularity of their singles to promote the EP, but remixed three of their lesser known songs.

The band has made several albums in the last six years, but it was Dear Science that made them more mainstream. I thought it was an interesting choice to take the songs that only those who bought the original album would recognize, remix them, and rerelease them on an EP. The songs sounds great, so I would definitely recommend checking them out.

For some reason, all of the bands I like seem to make really odd music videos. The one below is “Golden Age” off of Dear Science, just to give you a taste of their unique sound.

Artist of the Week: Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a hip-hop duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota consisting of rapper, Slug and DJ/producer Ant. Although the  indie rap group’s first album came out in 1997, their last few albums have enjoyed the most commercial success, culminating with an appearance on David Letterman. One of the reasons the duo has remained relevant over the years is their constant touring and strong fan base.

Their most recent album, “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold,” received critical acclaim and success, premiering at #5 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200, selling 36,000 copies in their first week. Some of my favorite songs are You,

Yesterday, and Sunshine. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

New Soon To Be Released Album: Dave Matthews Band


Yes, thats right folks, The legendary Dave Matthews Band is coming out with their seventh studio album, which will be  available everywhere on June 2. The album entitled Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King pays homage to their late friend and band mate Leroi Moore. When asked about the album Dave Matthews responds “if this was the last album that DMB ever made, then this is the only album that I want fans to hear. This one’s for Leroi.”

Although the name of the album sounds very strange there is a specific reason behind their choice; the word “Groogrux” is the nickname given to Leroi by the band. The track listings for the song include, Cockadile, Dive In, Lying in the Hands of God, Funny the Way It Is, Shake Your Monkey, Spaceman, Skworm, TimeBomb, Why I Am and You N Me Stripped Down. The band wanted to create something beautiful with this album in memorium of the former saxophonist and their good friend Leroi. The songs are a celebration of his legacy and a fully rich life. In order to showcase this all the songs are made up of up tempo beats and a jazzy good ole southern feel. The band got back to their Creole roots combining a ripping banjo line with a swampy New Orleans vibe that one cannot forget.

Although the album stays true to the jam band roots of DMB, it also taps into a more creative side for them in which they focus more on developing and maturing their in-studio skills. It was a big step for them to become not only the band with of the greatest live performances, but also the greatest studio albums. DMB really stepped outside of their box as a band and became one new cohesive unit full of vibrancy and life with this CD. For more information on their upcoming CD, visit DMB’s website at