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Want to Join Recess in Real Life?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but do not worry. The Recess in Real Life crew are just taking a break- a recess, if you will. Most of us just graduated college, so we are looking for a few bloggers to help contribute to the blog so that we can keep it running. Contact us at if you are a college-aged student who wants to help out by writing movie or music reviews.



Real Life Testimonial About Recess in Real Life

Here is a real life testimonial from someone who is a Recess In Real Life fan. Be sure to check it out!

Our very own preview

As many of you may know, Recess in Real Life began as a class project last January for our public relations class. Today we are presenting to our class to tell them why our readers enjoy our blog and why we should continue to post movie and music reviews. We decided to get a little creative, and spent this weekend making our own “preview”. So sorry for the lack of new posts in the last two days, but we hope you will enjoy our movie and keep coming back to our blog. Thanks!

New Release: “The Soloist”

“The Soloist” is a dramatic film about a former musician (Jamie Foxx) and the journalist who rediscovers him (Robert Downey, Jr). The film elicits critically acclaimed performances by both lead actors. Although reviewers are denying any Oscar buzz, many are still calling it one of the best films of 2009 so far.

The movie opens today and surely many people will be going to the theater to see the highly anticipated character film. Foxx has starred in “Ray” (which won him an Oscar in 2004) and more recently “Dreamgirls”. Robert Downey, Jr.¬† also generally signs on to portray interesting characters like in “Chaplin” (for which he was nominated for an Oscar in 1993) and the upcoming “Sherlock Holmes”. I think these are two great actors so they will undoubtedly make this film riveting.

Playground Talk, April 14-April 21

It must have been too nice outside this weekend for anyone to go to the movies. “17 Again”, the comedy with Zac Efron, only made 24.1 million dollars but still made the top spot. “State of Play”¬†made about $10 million less than that.

The Black Eyed Peas beat Lady GaGa on the billboard charts this week. Their single “Boom Boom Pow” has only been out for five weeks, but is already making an impression as a dance hit, as the group’s music normally does. The song is also the most downloaded on iTunes.

This week you have a review of Robert Downey, Jr’s new film “The Soloist” and more new music to look forward to so come back daily and get your entertainment news fix!

New Preview: “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”

Warner Bros. just released the official full length trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”. I am really excited for this one. It is one of the best books of the series, and it looks like it could be the best movie. It has great character developments and awesome special effects.

Check it out on Hulu.

New Movie: “State of Play”

“State of Play” is a detective movie coming out this Friday, April 17th. It has a great ensemble cast including Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Jeff Daniels.

Supposedly, the film was going to star Brad Pitt and Edward Norton who appeared together in Fight Club in 1999. At least we know that the film must have a good script if those two were going to sign on for the leads. One of the writers is Tony Gilroy who c0-wrote “Michael Clayton” and the Jason Bourne series.

I think it looks suspenseful, and compared to the other movies out this weekend, “State of Play” will probably be the best choice for anyone over the age of 15.