About Recess In Real Life

Welcome to Recess in Real Life: and everyday guide to all things music. We include our opinions of what is going on in the various genres within the music world. We understand that not everybody has time to stay informed on what’s going on within this ever-changing and fast paced industry, so we want our site to be a guide on all the  music information you are looking for. It is our goal to stay current on all the trends and new music within this industry in order to keep you, the reader, informed at all times. We will be posting on new music, new artists and new trends as well as reviewing music from around the country. If its happening within the music world, we know about it. Remember to join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter, too. Feel free to e-mail us as well. As for now, explore our site, and feel free to make any recommendations of your own.

 If you want to contact us our email address is recessinreallife@gmail.com. You can also follow our blog on twitter at recessinrealife.

One response to “About Recess In Real Life

  1. Great site so far! I will def. be visiting here the next time I am bored and need some exciting news!

    We added you to our blogroll at jmueats.com to get our readers help in your area too!

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